by Rachelle Dekker

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Initially, the idea of discovering who Lucy, is and following along with Zoe to unravel the mysteries was intriguing. The plot started out good but felt as though a few strings were forgotten or not clear enough to follow and the ending was not a complete wrap-up. This could be due to additional information coming in another installment of a series. From here, this novel felt as though it were yet another rewrite of a tried and true story with nothing surprising or inventive. Although this is a Christian Fiction novel, a word of warning: there are very detailed and graphic descriptions of violence and torture in significant volumes. At one point, I had to put it down and read something else, it is that detailed. If you are sensitive to this type of content, find something else to read. If it does not bother you, feel free to dive in and enjoy a well-written novel with uniquely developed characters on a thrill ride. This novel was provided in exchange for an honest review through Revell Publishing. No other type of compensation was provided. This review is my own personal opinion and belongs only to me.