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I blame 2020

As this year begins to approach its end, I pause to reflect on everything that has occurred in the space of 11 months. Even with the craziness that is 2020, I am thankful for the blessings in my life and the love that is family. I hope and pray those in need of some positivity will find enough to soldier on and that 2021 will not be anything like 2020. We are still healthy, although, to say we are busy is an understatement. Stay healthy, stay safe, and remember: Do your best and leave the rest; it’ll all come right some day or night.


Book loving single mother to a wonderful special needs child who fills my life with adventures, excitement, love and innocence.

2 thoughts on “I blame 2020

  1. God bless you and yours, Katey. God bless us all. Everything that’s going on is not because of Him. He is the “parent” in pain while watching his children having to learn the hard way that mankind can’t do it right without Him. Stay well oxox


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