When Love Arrives (Misty Willow #2)When Love Arrives by Johnnie Alexander

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

For my Christian Fiction readers, a word of caution. This isn’t your typical Revell read and may be offensive to more sensitive readers. There’s quite a bit of Christian content and talks about God’s plans for the characters but there’s also quite a bit of unacceptable leering and language related to the same characters (and a couple others). Other than the content, the writing is well crafted and the general plot is interesting with a tidy wrap-up, although the believability of it is a bit stretched. There were a few grammatical points that stood out to me as well. Overall, it’s an ok read that will appeal to many readers while being a put-off to others. I received an ARC through the publisher in exchange for an honest opinion. This review is my own and was provided without compensation.