Kookabuk Shares His ShovelKookabuk Shares His Shovel by Kevin Howard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This -short- book is one part aimed at a child and one part informational for a parent/guardian. Raising children is difficult enough as it is. Throw in a challenge, mine has PDD, and even the simplest situations can turn into a meltdown. The story provides the child a situation and how it can be remedied. The back of the short story contains additional ideas that can help prepare for challenges. I would have liked to have seen resources where a parent can go for additional help in raising our unique children. It’s challenging enough to know your child is different but not every parent has the resources available locally or knows where to begin looking. Autism Spectrum disorders can receive support and information through Autism Speaks, which helped our family out greatly. Overall, this is a good start for a parent trying to navigate the challenges of a unique child and could assist with friends who aren’t sure why you treat your child the way you do. I received and ARC through Smith Publicity, Inc. in exchange for an honest review.