Dancing at Angel AbbeyDancing at Angel Abbey by Lauren M. Bloom

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a refreshing read and quite the change from my usual reads. I found myself smiling several times while I was reading and having to answer questions as to what was making me smile from my ever curious son (12). I can easily recommend this to the majority of my followers as it is a family-friendly, light-hearted, enjoyable read. There’s no heavy preaching involved, which is a huge blessing. I love the characters and how they evolve throughout the read. They feel well fleshed out and like they could step out of the book and have a conversation with me. I love the plot idea and how it flows through the read. Overall, this is an excellent read for a wide variety of readers with no glaring typos or grammatical issues. I received an ARC through the author in exchange for my honest opinion and unpaid review.