Into Coraira (Legend of Rhyme #2)Into Coraira by Jaime Lee Mann

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reviewed by my son (11): “This was a fun book to read. I liked the animals and the adventure. I didn’t find it too hard. It was a bit on the easy side to read. I really think kids my age and a little older would enjoy reading this book. I liked the first book too.” Granted he’s not all that talkative when it comes to his book reviews but he did have all positive things to say. He didn’t feel it was an amazing book, but he did enjoy reading it enough not to be distracted by electronics. It’s a clean, well-written, book without complicated relationships or word choices. Overall, it’s a solid choice for all ages. We received an ARC through the publisher in exchange for an honest review.