Another Vanishing ActAnother Vanishing Act by Pasquale Russo
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received a request to read and review this book from the author. This is my opinion given without payment or bribery. I wasn’t thrilled with the read. The main character really didn’t add anything to the story except the narration; everything just happens around him. There really isn’t any buildup to a climax or much of anything exciting that goes on. I’ve worked for a residential center so I understand the various characters you find there. In that aspect it seemed authentic although it didn’t do a whole lot for the overall plot. I did my best to ignore the various mistakes and finish the book without it ending up in the DNF pile. I set aside my mild irritation at being called by an email address instead of my name, which was clearly presented multiple times. I could only finish reading the book because I was stubbornly determined not to have an unfinished book taunting me from the bookcase. That, and because I was curious if anything was ever going to happen besides being told of events as they happened around the narrator, which it didn’t.