The Witch Chronicles: The Red Dragon: Book 2The Witch Chronicles: The Red Dragon: Book 2 by A.B. Wolverton

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My fellow reviewer found this book to be very much to her liking. So much so that even though this was to be reviewed by her while I read other books waiting for review, I had to pause and read it myself. It was not much of a job of convincing she had to do as I remember how much I enjoyed the first book and wanted to read the second. I will agree with her that this is a very well written book and very difficult to put down. The detail is vivid and the world-building is spot-on. The read is intriguing and enjoyable from start to finish. I like the development of the characters and how the plot threads are tended to. I would recommend you pick up and read the first book prior to this one however. I received an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influenced my opinion.

From the publisher:

The Witch Chronicles
The Red Dragon: Book 2
by A. B. Wolverton

Coming-of-Age Fantasy Empowers Females

“Like most young girls, I struggled to find my identity,” shares author A. B. Wolverton. “I want to help other young people realize you can be strong and feminine without taking off your clothes!”

In the second installment of her series, The Witch Chronicles: The Red Dragon, Wolverton continues with her story of Freda Fryer who, like most teenagers, just wants to survive high school. However, the universe has other plans.

After surviving a near-death experience, Freda is overwhelmed by her newfound magical powers and uninterested in being “destined for great things.” Rather than face her apparent future, she wants to run away. Yet her plan is thwarted when her little brother is kidnapped, forcing Freda to come to terms with who she is, what she’s capable of, and what the future holds for her.

Traveling to Ireland in search of her bother, Freda meets her powerful extended family, encounters a dragon whose fate in intertwined with hers and discovers a horrific plot about to be unleashed in the shadowy netherworld.

Freda’s wit and sarcasm will appeal to young adult readers while the classic story of good vs. evil and a strong feminine hero will appeal to readers of all ages. Through the pages of The Red Dragon, Wolverton:

  • Shares a world of good witches, malicious weredogs, powerful dragons, knights, fairies and other fantastical creatures
  • Weaves entertaining fantasy with real life, coming-of-age struggles about identity, strength and understanding oneself
  • Demonstrates the value of family and supporting one another
  • Provides a strong female hero who shows that you can be feminine and strong by standing up to greed, power and corruption
  • Explores the spiritual side of witches and magic

“The Red Dragon provides strong male and female role models,” adds Wolverton. “I want teens to read about realistic problems they can relate to, through the realm of a fantasy world, and give them the courage to find their true identity and learn to love themselves.”

A. B. Wolverton is a writer at heart and author of The Witch Chronicles: The Reluctant Witch and The Red Dragon. Her “daytime” job is working as a hospice nurse. She is a retired skydiver, has backpacked around the world and lives with her family and dog in Raleigh, NC where she enjoys running and spending time outdoors.

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The Witch Chronicles: The Red Dragon: Book 2 is available and Net Galley.