Ok, I know this isn’t a book review or even book related, but please read on. It’s important and close to my heart. Thank you and God Bless.

Please Help This Young Swimmer To Continue To Swim!

Junior was born with several holes in his heart and was later diagnosed with PDD and Apraxia. Rarely did he make a sound, only speaking to his teachers in brief sentences and never speaking to anyone outside his immediate family.
That is until he discovered swimming. When he started swimming something else happened. He began to open up and see the world around him, and he spoke to others! Swimming is his key, unlocking the shell around him bit by bit.
We also discovered he has quite the talent for this sport! He’s joined a swim team and has improved his skills dramatically. He even competes against other teams and states! He recently announced his dream is to swim in the Olympics!
But to get there he has to train, and training is expensive. Especially for a single mother. Every penny donated through this will go directly to his swimming costs: Training and coaching fees, pool fees, transportation, and equipment fees. You can help. Every single dollar makes a difference! Thank you and please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.