Kickin' Lenny Saves The Day (Kickin' Lenny #1)Kickin’ Lenny Saves The Day by Michael Stubben
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

A few things need to be worked on for this book to earn a better rating. While I can understand and dismiss the lack of artwork inside, this can be a real turn off for younger readers. My youngest son, 10, said it was boring and didn’t have any pictures. We agreed that many of the phrasings were awkward for the intended age of both speaker and reader. Some of the style used for speech felt out of place as did the choice of some wording. After reading this together we agreed that the intended message missed the mark. My son is a very outspoken advocate against bullying and didn’t think this book would help at all. We received an ARC in exchange for our honest review. This in no way influenced our opinion which may or may not mirror your own.