There’s so many sites out there promising to direct you to a perfect match (book match that is!).

How can you tell which one works best?

How many of them actually ask you what your favorite books are? Those rare five star books. The ones you’d read again.

Well, I know of a site that does just that. It’s still being tweaked and refined as feedback comes in, but it’s up and workingright now.
Why not drop by and give it a try? I have. Several times in fact.


It’s easy and fast.
When you try it out why don’t you come back here and leave a comment? I’ll pick out a comment or two and offer a free short story e-book.

Here’s the link to find that next great book.

Still not sure? Need to know just how this site works?
From the site:

What book should I read next? is all about finding the perfect book for you. We have collected millions of bookreviews from hundreds of thousands of users. This gives our software the ability to make amazing suggestions for you. When you pick a number of books that you love. The software diggs down in the database an collects all the users who has the excact same taste as you. After this step is complete it collects all the favorites of these users and sorts it by how many users loved each book.

Great books to read
It’s not about books everyone should read, it’s about what you should read. It’s doesn’t matter if you like novels, shorts, comics or something else. You will find it all here on the site. Not all books are allowed on Only books with a review score of 3.5 or above is granted access. This could mean a favorite of yours is not on the site. This is simply to make sure our data can be exported to you as fast as possible.

How does it pick out and suggest books?
We have taking millions of book reviews, yes millions, and the users who wrote them and put them into a tiny box of magic. This gives us the unique ability to find users who has the same taste as you. Imagine finding 100 people that all agreed to the fact that your top five favorite books were some of the best books ever written. Now imagine that these 100 people created a list of books that they agreed were amazing. This would result in a list of books that were handpicked specifically for you. Well, with you don’t have to imagine it. This is how the website works. You simply have to replace the box of magic with not so tiny database.