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Hunt the Wolf (Seal Team Six, #1) by Don Mann

Hunt the Wolf (Seal Team Six, #1)Hunt the Wolf by Don Mann
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As I don’t tend to touch books or movies with any hint of war, my friend who enjoys such books read and reviewed this one. “Separating myself from my personal emotions concerning the Military side of things, this is an ok read. I like the characters except for the apparent separation between family and country at the level of coldness in the book. I like the conversations except for the use of the full names for things. Use of a glossary would serve better. While many authors assume their readers have no clue, the tendency to explain everything in dialogue is tedious to read and unnecessary. There is an abundance of detail given in this book making parts almost boring. I liked parts of the book. It reads like the author knows what he is writing about.”
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  1. I’m not into books about war either, Jenn, but my boyfriend is, only nonfiction. I bought him a book I thought he would enjoy and that’s when I found out he doesn’t do anything fiction-like when it comes to war. Honest reviews are very appreciated. Thank you 🙂


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