The Movement of Crowns Series (Movement of Crowns)The Movement of Crowns Series by Nadine C. Keels
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The writing starts out with complicated phrasing and unneeded elaborate choices for wording. As the book continues it gets a bit better. The world building is very well done with vivid imagery throughout the novel. The characters are a mixed bag of distant flat and dull, and thought out & interesting yet not well fleshed out. This makes it difficult to connect with them or feel anything during their experiences. Even so, I like that a female is shown as a strong personality. The plot moves along at varied paces, from a few sluggish parts to very well paced parts. Overall the book series is an enjoyable fascinating read even with the issues. I like that the religious undertones are not overbearing making this enjoyable by a much wider audience. I would recommend this to fantasy readers. I received an evaluation copy in exchange for an honest review. No compensation has been or will be received beyond the evaluation copy. This is my opinion which may not mirror your own.