Dear Friends,

Great news! The campaign to produce a Song of the Shaman audiobook has raised $335 of the $500 first goal! We’re almost there!

With just 48 funding hours left on Pubslush, (a global crowdfunding platform only for books) I’m offering enhanced rewards. At the $25 support level you now get:
The premiere Song of the Shaman audio book MP3. (Prefer a CD? Reply to this email to request.)
The digital book.
A special heartfelt “shout out” on social media.
Best of all, a portion of your contribution goes to the Pubslush Foundation to support the fight against illiteracy. As a former volunteer literacy tutor I know firsthand how much this is needed.
Please help us make this happen! Share the campaign page’s link with friends through your email and social media outlets.

Hope everyone is doing well and thanks again for all your generous support of Song of the Shaman – it means so much to me.

Best wishes,